Bio Living-Learning Community travels to Washington, NC

On Aug. 17, 2012, the 30 freshmen in the newly formed BioLL traveled to Washington, NC by bus with Drs. Mary Farwell, Enrique Reyes and Lee Sutton. The group was split into two and they each had a tour of the Estuarium and Goose Creek State Park, lunch on the waterfront, and a sailing excursion aboard the Jeannie B sailboat. Students learned about the ecology of coastal NC and the basics of sailing. More importantly, they got to know each other and the BioLL advisors. The trip was sponsored by the BioExcellence grant program and the Department of Biology.

The trip was the highlight of the fall orientation events for the BioLL, who are living in Garrett Residence Hall and are enrolled in some courses together as they begin their ECU experience.