Biology faculty co-edits book on the “Parasites of Biological Invasions”

Dr. April MH Blakeslee (Biology) recently co-edited a scientific book entitled “Parasites and Biological Invasions” (CABI press, 2023), which was authored by leading researchers in the field. Compiling information on parasite invasions for the first time, this unique book provides an in-depth resource on parasite invasions, revealing the subtleties underlying biological invasions and co-introduced diseases; the phenomenon and consequences of parasite release in invaded host communities; impacts of parasite invasion and diagnostic techniques; and case studies across a broad range of hosts and parasites in aquatic and terrestrial environments. This new book is a useful tool for incorporating parasites into invasion modeling and can serve as a resource for researchers, policymakers, environmental managers, and students interested in the myriad consequences of species invasions. The book’s cover image was captured by Carter Stancil, a PhD student in Dr. Blakeslee’s lab.