Biology graduate students Scott Jones, Lauren McCarthy, Sam Mears, Evan Twomey and Lenny Yong awarded competitive research grants

Students Scott Jones (Chalcraft Lab), Lauren McCarthy (Chalcraft Lab), Sam Mears (McKinnon Lab), Evan Twomey (Summers lab) and Lenny Yong (McKinnon lab)

PhD candidate Ewan Twomey was recently awarded an extremely competitive Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation for the project “Mimetic divergence and the evolution of reproductive isolation in the mimic poison frog, Ranitomeya imitator” and Lenny Yong has just been awarded a $1900 American Museum of Natural History Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund grant for the project “Teasing apart hormonal and genetic mechanisms underlying the divergent and parallel evolution of female ‘masculinized’ coloration in threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)”. Yong’s grant is his fourth toward his dissertation work.

Jones, McCarthy and Mears were each awarded Sigma Xi grants, with the respective titles: “Long-term Costs of Phenotypic Plasticity”, “Do small ephemeral ponds produce more zooplankton migrants than large permanent ponds? “, and “Lake-stream ecological divergence and speciation in the banded killifish complex.”