Dr. Alex Georgakilas to be awarded the prestigious Terashima award, from the Japan Radiation Research Society.

Dr. Alex Georgakilas, associate professor in the Department of Biology, will receive the prestigious Terashima award from the Japan Radiation Research Society at the 53rd annual conference in Kyoto.

He and his collaborator, Dr. Meg Hada published the paper, “Hada, M. and Georgakilas, A.G. Formation of Clustered DNA Damage after High-LET Irradiation: A Review. J. Radiat. Research 49 (3) 203-210 (2008).”

The synergistic activities of Dr. Georgakilas with Dr. Hada help promote Radiation Research in Japan and Internationally, as well as the promoting the official publication of the society the Japan Journal of Radiation Research.