East-West Collaboration Program 2012

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Happy New Year!

Please recall that ECU conducted an internal seed grant competition, the East-West Collaboration Program, during fall semester 2012. The Division of Research and Graduate Studies would like to announce the recipients of funding from this 2012 program. The intent of the East-West funding is to support new collaborations, bringing together groups from both ECU campuses to tackle scholarly projects including research and creative activity. We express gratitude to the entire research and creative community for an enthusiastic response. There were more than 40 letters of intent submitted and more than 30 full submissions. Clearly, the interest and intent to work across campuses is very strong and something that we intend to support.

Three groups were awarded full funding:

  • Drs. Chris Balakrishnan (Department of Biology, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences) and Ken Soderstrom (Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Brody School of Medicine):  “Genomic Perspectives on the Influence of Cannabinoid Exposure on Vocal Learning”
  • Drs. Robert James (Department of Surgery, Brody School of Medicine) and Keith Keene (Department of Biology and the Center for Health Disparities): “Prophylactic Low-Dose Intravenous Heparin Infusion for Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Trial(PHAST-1): Analysis of Myeloperoxidase and Myeloid-Related Protein 8/14 Levels and Genotypes”
  • Drs. Hope Landrine (Center for Health Disparities and Department of Psychology) and Sharon Mangan (Department of Pediatrics, Brody School of Medicine), and their co-PIs Drs. Kerry Littlewood (School of Social Work), Alice Richman (Department of Health Education and Promotion), Roytesa Savage (Department of Pediatrics), David Holder (Adolescent Medicine), Jimmy Efird (Department of Public Health), Jason Brinkley (Department of Biostatistics), and Annette Greer (Department of Bioethics and Interdisciplinary Studies): “Disparities in Youth HPV Vaccination in Eastern North Carolina (ENC): A Pilot Project”

An additional six projects were awarded partial funding:

  • Drs. Brenda Bertrand (Department of Nutrition Science, College of Human Ecology) and Darla Liles and Charles Knupp (Department of Oncology, Brody School of Medicine): “Glycemic Control and Vaso-occlusive Pain Crisis in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease”
  • Drs. Paul Fletcher (Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Brody School of Medicine) and Tim Christensen (Department of Biology, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences): “Characterization of Natural and Expressed Recombinant Antareases that Cleave Different SNARE Proteins”
  • Drs. Kim Larson (Division of Undergraduate Nursing Science, College of Nursing) and Sharon Ballard (Department of Child Development and Family Relations, College of Human Ecology): “Feasibility and Efficacy of !Cuídate! An Evidence-based Sexual Risk Reduction Program with Mexican and Central American Youth in Rural Eastern North Carolina”
  • Drs. Raz Shaikh (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute) and Anthony Kennedy (Department of Chemistry, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences): ” The Use of Differential Scanning Calorimetry for Quantifying the Impact of Dietary and Pharmacological Interventions on Cellular Membranes”
  • Drs. Anne Spuches (Department of Chemistry, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences) and Lance Bridges (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Brody School of Medicine): “Metal coordination and domain synergy of ADAM proteases”
  • Drs. Elizabeth Wall-Bassett (Department of Nutrition Science, College of Human Ecology), Michael Robinson (School of Social Work, College of Human Ecology), Mary Crozier (Department of Addiction and Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Allied Health), and Juhee Kim (Center for Health Disparities and Department of Public Health): “”NOW!” (Nutrition of Women in Recovery)”

I do believe that our ability and willingness to collaborate across departments, colleges, and divisions will emerge as an important competitive advantage for the research enterprise at ECU. I look forward to continued collaborative efforts as we move forward.



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