Jinling Huang


Life Sciences & Biotechnology Building 3407

Research Interests

I have broad interests in comparative and evolutionary genomics, bioinformatics, and plant evolution.

Much of my current research focuses on understanding the role of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) in eukaryotic evolution. HGT is the process of genetic changes across the boundaries of species. In prokaryotes, acquisition of foreign genes from other organisms is considered as the major means to gain novel genes and, therefore, beneficial phenotypes to live in previously unexplored niches. HGT also contributes significantly to the spread of antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity in bacteria. The scale and importance of HGT in eukaryotic evolution remain less clear. We are currently performing genome analyses to understand how HGT might have affected the origin and diversification of major eukaryotic lineages.

We are seeking graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in related research areas.