Teaching Assistantships

A number of teaching assistantships (TA) are available for qualified applicants and will be awarded on competitive basis. The time invested in a TA position is up to 20 hours a week, typically for 12-13 weeks per fall or spring semester; the corresponding hourly compensation is calculated to be about $25-35 per hour. The assistantship is intended to help defray living expenses and the costs of attending the University (tuition and fees). Students awarded a Teaching Assistantship are required to teach 2 or 3 undergraduate lab sessions each semester during the Fall and Spring terms. Summer support will also be available, with appropriate teaching assignment as needed, funds permitting. Teaching assistants are needed for various biology undergraduate labs including:

  • BIOL 1051 General Biology Laboratory
  • BIOL 1061 Environmental Biology Laboratory
  • BIOL 1101 Principles of Biology Laboratory
  • BIOL 1201 Biology for Science Majors Laboratory
  • BIOL 2111 Fundamentals of Microbiology Laboratory’
  • BIOL 2131 Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy Laboratory
  • BIOL 2141 Human Physiology and Anatomy Laboratory
  • BIOL 2151 Human Physiology and Anatomy Laboratory
  • BIOL 2251 Ecology Laboratory
  • BIOL 3221 Microbiology Laboratory
  • BIOL 3311 Cellular Physiology Laboratory

Research Assistantships

Students may also receive support as research assistantship (RA) sponsored by faculty grants and contracts or by seeking competitive fellowship support from various funding agencies.

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