Doctoral Program

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Biology, Biomedicine, and Chemistry (IDPBBC)

The IDPBBC program is based on ECU’s strong tradition of liberal arts education and research that emphasizes an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to life sciences studies with three disciplinary concentrations: Biology, Biomedicine, and Chemistry. The IDPBBC faculty are committed to providing students with advanced skills to be successful in a range of careers in academia, industry, government, and private sectors. This PhD program is 77- to 84-semester-hour in the context of a structured but flexible program of classroom instruction, theoretical or empirical research, professional development experience, and a doctoral dissertation. The Biology concentration has experimental biology as its primary focus which is designed to provide interdisciplinary doctoral training in cell and molecular biology, plant biotechnology, biochemistry, ecology, systematics and evolution, developmental biology, reproductive endocrinology, neurobiology, and physiology. Students in this program will receive broad exposure to topics that range across all the life sciences.

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IDPBBC Program