Research In Progress (RIP) Seminar Series – Fall 2023

Our RIP series is designed to give up-and-coming biologists a chance to practice their presentation skills in a formal, but friendly environment. RIP speakers consist of both invited speakers and students within the Biology department. The RIP series will be held in an online format (but will also be available for in person and online format during some weeks).  Please contact Jasper Leavitt for details.

September 5thColin FinlayEast Carolina University
Ariane Peralta
September 5thJasper LeavittEast Carolina University
David Chalcraft
October 3rdJocelyn Painter
Duke University

Ryan Emanuel
November 7th
Connor Crib
Brody School of Medicine
Marty Roop
December 5thRyan GarriguesBrody School of Medicine
Brandon Garcia