Biology Seminar Schedule - Fall 2019

Seminars on Thursdays at 4 PM to be held in Science and Technology C209.

Refreshments will be served beginning at 3:30 PM.

Week #DateSpeakerSeminar TitleDepartment Representative
28/29/2019Fadi IssaTenure talk: Social regulation of brain functionTBA
39/5/2019Ariane PeraltaTenure talk: Considering the past when managing microbiomes in a changing worldTBA
49/12/2019Michael BrewerTenure TalkTBA
59/19/2019Jim Costa, Western Carolina University, Highlands Biological StationIndefatigable Naturalists: Wallace and Darwin On the Evolutionary TrailJeff McKinnon
710/3/2019Dr. Jessie Jarvis, UNCWTBARachel Gittman
810/10/2019Carolina Bonin Lewallen, Hampton UniversityTBARebecca Asch and Diversity Committee
910/17/2019Fiorenza Micheli
David and Lucile Packard Professor of Marine Science
Co-Director, Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
Hopkins Marine Station
Stanford University
Burroughs Wellcome SpeakerRachel Gittman
1010/24/2019Dr. Charles Derby, Regents Professor
Georgia State University, Neuroscience Institute
Chemical communication in affiliation, aggression, and mating of decapod crustaceansFadi Izza
1110/31/2019Pierre Le Pabic, UNCWTBATim Erickson
1311/14/2019Josef Trapani, Amherst CollegeTBATim Erickson
1511/28/2019Thanksgiving Break
1612/5/2019Paola Lopez-Duarte, UNC CharlotteAdaptations to Life in the Estuary: Tide-Associated RhythmsRachel Gittman