Biology Seminar Schedule - Fall 2020

Given the uncertainties surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Biology will hold virtual seminars during Fall 2020 semester.  Please contact the Dr. Michael McCoy, Seminar Committee chair, for details.

DateTimeSpeakerSpeaker AffiliationPresentation Title
Thursday, September 17, 20204:00 p.m.April Blakeslee, Ph.D.ECUConservation Issues and Parasites in Coastal Systems
Thursday, September 24, 20204:00 p.m.David Chalcraft, Ph.D.ECUThe effect of losing predator diversity on prey suppression in freshwater ponds.
Thursday, October 1, 20204:00 p.m.Xiaoping Pan, Ph.D.ECUToxicity, mechanism, and potential nematocidal activity of metal oxide nanoparticles
Thursday, October 15, 20204:00 p.m.What's Up BIO!N/AN/A
Thursday, October 22, 20204:00 p.m.Eileen HoffanOld Dominion UniversityUnderstanding Controls on Margalefidinium polykrikoides Blooms in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
Thursday, October 29, 20204:00 p.m.Jeb ByersUGASystem-wide change of southeastern US mudflats driven by an invasive ecosystem engineer
Thursday, November 5, 20204:00 p.m.Franne KamhiOberlin University, OhioTBA
Thursday, November 12, 20204:00 p.m.Dr. Nkrumah GrantUniversity of IdahoPleiotropy maintains an ancient metabolism and causes elevated cell death with a novel metabolic innovation in evolving E. coli populations
Thursday, November 19, 20204:00 p.m.Swanne GordonWashington University St. LuisSex- and morph-biased dispersal affect population structure and polymorphism
Thursday, December 3, 20204:00 p.m.Cassie StoddardPrinceton UniversityTBA