Seminars Fall 2023

The Department of Biology will hold online or in-person seminars during Fall 2023 semester.  All in-person seminars are located in Life Sciences and Biotechnology 1006. Links for online-only seminars will be available in the “location” column below, or you can contact the host. Please contact Dr. Xiaoping Pan, Seminar Committee chair, for details.

Date SpeakerSpeaker AffiliationFormatTitle
24-AugHeather Vance-ChalcraftECU BiologyOn-siteTenure and Promotion Talk - Investigating the effects of participatory science, exposure to authentic research, and student success programming on engagement in science
7-SepRachel GittmanECU BiologyOn-siteTenure and Promotion Talk- Incorporating ecological principles into coastal restoration and engineering approaches
21-SepAnja Westram
Nord UniversityOnline
WebEx Link
Natural selection on chromosomal inversions in a marine snail
28-SepKatrina Lohan
SmithsonianOn-siteDrivers Altering Host
Parasite Interactions in Coastal Ecosystems
5-OctDaniel P. Nicholson
George Mason UniversityOnlineSchroedinger's 'What is Life' Revisited
12-OctMatthew Pavlovich
Cell PressOn-siteAn editor’s guide to writing a compelling review article
19-OctRafael Guerrero
NC State UniversityOn-siteMeiotic drive and sex antagonism: two stories of sex chromosome evolution
26-OctKari Lenhart
Drexel UniversityOnline
WebEx Link
Somatic control of germline cytokinesis maintains homeostasis in the Drosophila testis
2-NovDanielle IgnaceUniversity of British ColumbiaOnline
WebEx Link
Broadening our approach to find community-driven solutions to environmental challenges
9-NovDavid Collar
Christopher Newport UniversityOn-siteHow to build an eel: insights into macroevolution from the origin of elongate fishes
16-NovMarta Moyano
University of Adger, NorwayOnline WebEx LinkSensitivity of early life stages of fishes to anthropogenic stressors and relevance for population dynamics
23-NovThanksgiving break
30-NovBobbie Garvin